The Web-SlideTM Exercise Rail System STAINLESS STEEL

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Organizes your clinic and streamlines patient training sessions. Improve clinic-to-home transitions, patient compliance, and your productivity.

The Web-Slide Exercise Rail System is great for regular users of everyday exercise equipment such as tubing, bands, and pulleys — devices that provide resistance, stretching and range of motion. The Deluxe Assortment includes everything needed — fixtures, exercise equipment, and instructional materials — to quickly and effectively train and monitor those in need of rehab and fitness exercise programs.

Clinic-to-home transitions become quick and effective when using the Web-Slide. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4:

Select the appropriate exercise device and choose an exercise from the wall poster

Secure the exercise device onto the rail at the desired elevation; have patient perform the chosen exercise.

Use the appropriate Exercise Prescription Pad to assign home exercise.  Note that the same exercise done in the clinic is depicted on the Prescription Pad.

Provide the patient with the same PrePak exercise device to use at home.

The Web-Slide Deluxe Assortment includes the following:

  •  Exercise Rails — Three 6" x 28" stainless steel rail sections, each with 5 anchor points. Mount them individually for separate exercise stations or create a single 7' tall station.
  •  Storage Rack — One 24" stainless steel rack with 16 positions to store and organize the system's exercise equipment and Exercise Prescription Pads.
  •  Exercise Equipment — Four basic exercise devices and 2 accessory items (14 pieces total).
  • Home Ranger Original Shoulder Pulley
  • The Rope Assisted Stretching Device
  • ExerBand Bilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance
  • ExerBand 3' Unilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance
  • Extremity Strap — anchors tubing comfortably to ankle or wrist for extremity exercises
  • Exerband Fitness Bar — attach tubing on each end for additional exercise options
  • Exercise Instructional Materials
  •  4 Wall Posters — for tubing exercises, shoulder exercises, stretching exercises, and exercises with the Fitness Bar.
  • 6 Exercise Prescription Pads. Exercise photos duplicate those show on the wall posters. Includes pads for shoulder, hip/knee, trunk, elbow/wrist/ankle, shoulder pulley exercises, and stretching exercises.